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July 2019 [Vol. 3]: 10 Important Technology And Innovation Tweets

Welcome to the July 2019 edition of '10 Important Technology And Innovation Tweets'. The tweets are listed in chronological order.This edition has curated 13 tweets instead of 10 as there were more tweets with good content. Also this edition includes a bonus post from LinkedIn. Tweet 01 by @jblefevre60 on 3 Jul 2019 at 15:09 #Health card connected! #HealthTech HT @TheFuturist007 @evankirstel @ipfconline1 @SpirosMargaris @Paula_Piccard @HaroldSinnott @RichSimmondsZA @sebbourguignon @kalydeoo @jerome_joffre @labordeolivier @diioannid @WearableGuru @Ym78200 @3itcom @jarokrolewski @ImMBM @HITpol — Jean-Baptiste Lefevre (@jblefevre60) July 3, 2019 Tweet 02 by @AghiathChbib on 5 Jul 2019 at 19:35 The Best Books on #ArtificialIntelligence | Five Books Expert Recommendations #AI — Aghiath chbib (@AghiathChbib) July 5, 2019 Tweet 03 by @Corix_JC on 5 Jul 2019 at 17:45 Is #Google Chasing The