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October 2022: Top 10 Technology and Innovation Tweets

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of 'Top 10 Technology and Innovation Tweets'. The tweets are mostly listed in chronological order.   Tweet 01 You don't need to code in 2022. There's a no-code solution for everything. — Sveta Bay (@sveta_bay) October 3, 2022 Tweet 02 First, we load the MNIST dataset, containing 70,000 28x28 images showing handwritten digits. You can load this dataset using Keras with a single line of code. The function returns the dataset split into train and test sets. 2 of 20 — Santiago (@svpino) October 4, 2022 Tweet 03 According to a @Gartner survey, 95% of organizations polled will invest in a cyber resilience solution within the next 12 months. Find out about our data-centric approach to cyber resilience, combining data protection and data security: #CyberSecurity — NetApp Asia Pacific (@NetAppAPAC) October 6, 2022 Tweet 04 PY